Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Question

Tenkar has been asking a lot of great gaming questions so I'm going to go a different route.  This subject was brought up at work the other day.

Who would you like to see direct the next Star Wars movie?

I think Abrams is slated to do it.  I don't follow it all that closely.  But I could think of other directors I'd rather see at the helm.

Ridley Scott.  He's a tough one.  he either makes movies I really like or really dislike.

Quinten Terintino.  I think I could get behind the Jedi grooving to some tunes as the slay some sith.  Actually scratch that.  I think I could get behind the sith grooving to some tunes as they slaughter everyone on screen.

Christopher Nolan.  Interesting mix.  I think he and Yoda would be on the same wavelength. 

David Fincher.  Let's get this guy back at what he does best.  Make gritty movie.  None of the Benjamen Button bullshit.  Star Wars could use a little Fight Club in it.

If you could choose.  Who would you like see directing the next film?

This has nothing to do with the question.  I just thought it was cool. 


  1. First choice would be Fincher. He is an amazing director and imo produces solid work on a regular basis. Nolan would be my second choice as he is able to think outside the box with usually good results, though I do not think his Batman movies were as awesome (they are overly long and often make no sense..but hey they make billions!).

    Terintino I say hell no. His style effects a certain sort of movie which I think would be so-no Star Wars and would try to turn a SW film into a statement on society's wrongs...or some other crap. Plus when you lightsaber someone's head off there is no blood, he would have it spraying out everywhere.

    Scott I love but as he has grown old his movies have wandered a bit and lack focus (sounds like Lucas actually). If his latest is any indication, I think I will no longer enjoy his films (though they do look freaking amazing).

    My other suggestion would be James Cameron. I do not think he would ever do it as he likes his own creations, but I think he would do it justice and respect the canon enough to make a great movie that fits in the SW universe.

  2. I can't get behind any of them. How about Alejandro Jodorowsky?

  3. I kinda like Abrams. When I was watching the Star Trek remake, I kept thinking, "wow, too bad the latest star wars films weren't more like this". Plus Abrams has confessed to being a star wars fan more than a trekkie... so he should do even better.

  4. Great image at the end -- I think I'm going to share it with my class this afternoon (we're reading 19th-century horror fiction, so I think they'll like it).

  5. At this point, I don't know what exactly I'd like to see from Star Wars. That makes it difficult to choose a director that I'd like to see making it. Abrams will be at least visually entertaining. I guess that I'll be happy to give him a chance.

  6. It probably matters less who it is than whether they have a Marcia on the team.

  7. I'd say a definite no to every one of the suggested men. I'd also say no to Abrams but too late for that. Still, maybe he'll stop kicking Star Trek's corpse now that he's got Star Wars.

    I'm a fan of Scott, but he's just wrong for Star Wars. Also, he'd never do it because he demands a far greater degree of freedom than he'd be allowed.

    Tarantino. No! Again, a fan of some of his films, but his every film-making sensibility defies him from touching Star Wars.

    Nolan? No, less vehemently than the others, but still no. I just don't think he would make a very fun film.

    Fincher... Probably not. Definitely not if you suggest "Star Wars could use a little Fight Club in it", because it doesn't want anything of the sort! Star Wars needs more Labyrinth or The Princess Bride in it. It is a fairy tale in space!
    However, disregarding that notion, Fincher is versatile and talented, just unproven with this type of film.

  8. Wild card - how about Peter Weir?

    First, I've never seen a bad film he's directed, and this is highly subjective after all.

    Second, look at his work so far. He's worked with Ford and helped get a very different character out. He could probably get Depardieu too, for a villainous admiral. And he knows canny naval warfare - see Master and Commander.

    Third, Wars needs its mysticism back, very badly, and we need to feel rather than see again - see Picnic at Hanging Rock.

    Fourth, we also need the farm boy/girl proper, the sense of widening horizons through his or her eyes - see Gallipoli.

    Fifth, if Wars is going to be a permanent fixture on screens now, with none of this limited arc-limited profit business, we're going to need to feel just how wide open the galaxy is, just how much could be out there - see Picnic again, and maybe The Last Wave. Fearless could be very relevant too - what do you do next when you've just brought down a galactic empire?

    Sixth, the age of the franchise and the number of people involved and interested is going to make this very meta - see The Truman Show.

  9. How about Spielberg? Lucas originally wanted him to direct Jedi, and he might want to do something "less heavy" after Lincoln.

  10. Porky makes an interesting case for Weir. I'd suggest Cronenberg if he would bring his 80's era vibe with the more recent production values. You'd also get Peter Suschitsky as Director of Photography, and he did Empire, which Cronenberg thought was a beautifully shot film and so he started working with him. Croneneberg was also being considered to direct Jedi, which would have altered the course of history.

  11. 1. Guillermo del Toro
    2. Peter Jackson
    3. Luc Besson

  12. Good choices. I don't really know who I wouldd want to see do it.

  13. I'm not sure WHO I want to see, although I am quite distressed about Abrams. I can't put it into words, but something about Abrams seems like it would ruin the Star Wars universe.

    Definitely NOT Spielberg. Please, no. Just... no.

    Some of the other choices...Peter Jackson? I'd still say no, because, much as I like his work, it just doesn't seem to "fit" SW.

    Mystique and magic need to be added back in. The "WOW, did I just see THAT?!?" of the originals need to be recaptured. The absolute joy and wonder of the original trilogy need to be recaptured. The second trilogy was more of "OK, so, how is George going to get from here to ther?" for me. There was no wonder, no real surprise.

  14. Garry Marshall. He hit a homerun with "Beaches." Or maybe Nick Cassavetes ("The Notebook").

    Ha ha ha!