Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Map Time!

I didn't like the previous map I made so I drew a new one.  I like this one better.  My typical type of map, drawn in pencil, outlines gone over with fine Sharpie markers and then colored pencils for, well, the coloring. 

I doubt I'll be doing the map in color though.  The logistics of that might cause me internal hemorrhaging.  Very soon though I do want to do a full color issue.

This is what it will look like in B&W.  Not as snazzy, but I think everything is easy to see.

I also beveled the edges a bit to give a frame like appearance. 

Oh, and the answer to the previous post as to what monster is on the cover...a displacer beast. 


  1. See? This is what I was talking about. Your map looks great!

    A full-color issue would be extremely cool, provided you can find a way around the hemorrhaging.

  2. GO BEASTS!!

    Now when I see your blog, I get a craving for a McD's Shamrock Shake (I have never had one...)

  3. If you use your blood, you could do a two-color issue WHILE you're hemorrhaging. Of course, laminating every page and labeling the entire booklet as a bio-hazard would drive up the cost... but it might also create real buzz and sell out as a collector's edition!