Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sleestak for the Win

That's right Francis, sleestak have won.  They're just not saying what they won...yet.

I finally got around to ordering Barebones Fantasy RPG and Keranak Kingdoms.  I haven't solved my problem with the PO box yet, but working on it.  For now I'm having the books mailed to my main job site.  I got BBF in hardback and the other was offered in softback.  I used up all my RPG credit, but that's what its there for.  I sell Manors to keep my gaming addition satisfied. 

I rewrote a few of the farms in T1: Village of Hommlet.  I was pretty happy the why they came out.  I will go through them today and share them later.  It definitely is a different place.  I'm not sure where I am going with it, but I'll post it all and if I accidentally have a completed product I'll post it as a free download. 

Oh, tomorrow RPGNow will start its GM Days sales.  I am participating in it again this year.  All the PDFs of the Manor and KI will be 25% off.  I already blew all my credit, but my wishlist is still of stuff I want to buy.

Glorious Sleestak Sunday!  Okay, glorious may be overshooting, but I didn't want to use happy.