Monday, March 18, 2013

Post 999

Hi folks.  This is post 999.  For my next post I plan on doing a giveaway.  I'm planning on doing a OSR PDF bundle giveaway.  I started this by wanting to give away something as a thinks to everyone who stops on by and the next thing I know people are donating their own products to make it even better.  How fricking cool is that? 

In the next post I'll list all the items that will be included, 7 or 8 different PDFs in the bundle and I'm going to add a little something else on top of them. All you need to be eligible is leave a comment. 

Tomorrow be on the look out for post 1000.


  1. Cool!

    Have you considered using Rafflecopter for the give away?

    I have used it before and it's pretty nice.

  2. Cool. And congrats on 999 posts!

  3. I just think it's cool you'll have a thousand posts. Nice job. :)

  4. Wow! That is a lot of time that could have been used productively. Ha ha ha.


    We will see something celebratory from Happy Whisk to commemorate the event, like the hearts and clovers?

  5. Mighty big of you, and congrats on your 999th post!

  6. I'm with Ken. We need to see some falling "objects" on your page to commemorate the occasion.

    It's actually quite cool, Tim... 1K. My blog can't even SEE 1K from here. Congrats!

  7. congrats tim!

    now pick up the pace, you slacker! ;)

  8. 999? That's like hanging the devil up by his feet!

  9. It sure is awful to be too late.