Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rewriting a Classic

I've been writing and layout for issue #4.  I think I also have the proper software to bookmark PDFs.  I didn't realize it was so easy.  So I am sure I'm missing something.  I've also been taking notes and preparing to do a couple playtests of an adventure Greg Christopher gave me.  And in a few minutes I am head to Staples to get some supplies.  I got one of the 20% off everything in the bag (this is a non-existent bag) coupons and going to get some better paper.  I'm not digging how the images are bleeding through the paper.  I'm upgrading to the 24lb, 98 bright for the next zine.  It will look better and feel better.

If that wasn't enough I am looking at doing a rewrite of a classic module.  Nothing new, but something I never attempted.  I am going to tinker around with rewriting the Village of Hommlet to fit my gaming sensibilities.  I know without even looking at it I know there were a crapload of magic items in the villages.  I got some pruning shears to trim a lot of them out and those that remain will become unique items.  I'll post the entries here.  Just doing that one as an old exercise in writing.

Well off to the store.  Need anything?



  2. I could always do with some storage boxes. (for all the treasure, of course)

  3. Umm.... I'm still waiting for my iPad. Is that on the list today?

  4. Sweet, you're rocking on the Manor! I'm still working on Delve issue 2!! Keep up the great work and as always, drop me a line if you need some art!