Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Question

It's Friday again and I am very happy about this.  The playtest was a lot of fun last night even though I could not find the sheet with all my notes.  We introduced Bard (The Clash of Sword on Shield), into our group.  I told him I was going to campaign hard to get him into our regular Monday group.  He's been a huge supported on my blog and GM Games.  I always enjoy meeting the people I 'talk' to regularly on the blogs and Google+.

So my question you this week is, who of the bloggers or Google+ people that you know, would you like to game with and haven't had the chance.  List one or ten or any in between.  I know there is a large group I haven't had a chance to game with yet.  Out of all of them out there who would you want to roll dice with?


  1. Wow. I don't know how to answer it. Maybe it is the falling clovers that have me addled.

    Bard was an excellent addition. Hopefully, the therapy sessions he'll need to recover won't be too expensive.

  2. Soundd like fun. I've got to get him on a Tim Shorts game at some: you're probably due some pay back.

    To the question, there are too many people on G+ I'd like to play with--there's just too little time!

  3. Would sound bad to say the girls of Zak's group?

  4. Digital Orc: It depends on your alignment.

  5. Tim:Last night's game was a blast--I can't wait for next week! And I gotta say, Monday's sound pretty good...

    Ken: Last night's game was my therapy session!

  6. There are so many!

    I guess that I'd most like, right now, to play in a game run by Courtney of Hack and Slash, or by Jeff Rients. Yeah, and the D&D With Porn Stars crew, too. Tim Shorts might be pretty cool. Christian who used to do Loviatar would be awesome (though I haven't heard anything from him in a while; I should write to him). Black Vulmea would run a killer Flashing Blades game, I think, and I would love that (especially if pirates).

    There's a ton of others, too, but those are the people I'd think of right away.