Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playtest Announcement

Next Thursday on the 14th of March, I'll be running a playtest for "The Last Candle", a campaign starter written by Greg Christopher.  The game will start at 6:30pm and end around 9:30pm (these are EST).  I'll be using the Swords & Wizardry Complete ruleset.  I'll be running it on Fantasy Grounds 2 so you'll need to have at least a player license to join.  And Skype will be used for the talkie parts.   If you're interest please let me know, as of now I think I have two to three virtual seat available. 

This is a campaign starter so I am streamlining the adventure to the Priory and the included adventure itself.  I am thinking I will run this in two sessions.  I'll have pre-made character available, if you wish to character you run already that shouldn't be a problem.

Any questions, just email or leave a comment.  Want to join, just email or leave a comment.  Just want to complain, just go away and leave.


  1. Sounds interesting. I don't think I can make that time though, unfortunately.

  2. Hi Tim: Just sent you an email at the GM games email address (that's the only one I have; I don't know if there was a better on to use). I'm definitely still interested if you have spots left in the playtest game. If that email didn't make it to you, you can shoot me an email at bard2941[at]yahoo[dot]com.