Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Question

With the winners selected and emails flying around it's time to get back to some gaming normalcy...hmm, I think that's one of them there oxy morons. 

I'm going to piggy back off of Rusty Battle Axe's question.  What non-RPG/non-video game, game do you enjoy playing?  I'm not a huge board game guy, Dwayne has an archive of them and I always enjoy when we get a chance to together and break one out.  Card games for me are not a big draw.  I like Munchkin.  Its fun, but then you get all those expansion packs and it waters it down for me. 

So what board or card games do you enjoy?


  1. I like Munchkin as well, it's hilarious! In addition, I like the Game of Thrones board game by FFG, and the condottiere card game also by FFG. I am also a fan of FFG's Elder Sign...hmmm, I'm seeing a pattern here, I think. I also like Shadows over Camelot by Days of Wonder (which I own, but haven't been able to play much over the years).

  2. For a good, quick 2-4 player game we usually pull out City of Thieves.

    Probably our "family favorite" is Mansions of Madness. This game requires more setup (for The Keeper) and time commitment, but we've enjoyed it since launch.

    I personally enjoy MoM, because I get to be an investigator and I'm "not allowed" to be The Keeper, since I'm always Dungeon Master.

    Fine with me ;]

  3. We play way too much Magic the Gathering in my house lol. The D&D Adventure System games see some play too. Also silly cards games like Fluxx, Kittens in a Blender, and Poo.

  4. Illuminati! Original edition b/w cards with the expansion sets.

    Best game evar.

    I enjoy Warrior Knights, Divine Right, and Diplomacy, but I never get to play them any more.

  5. I'm a huge fan of Tonk, it was a card game featured in Black Company series, where during any downtime the crew would be playing Tonk and pissing each other off. They'd play for gold pieces, so my friends have a Gold Only rule for playing Tonk, and a GP is represented by the goldish $1 coins.

  6. I play a lot of Texas Hold 'em with my neighbors. Each player kicks in 20 and is allowed one buy-in.

    I also love Munchkin, Skippy's Revenge, and Magic the Gathering.

    I play a lot of board games with my wife. Da Vinci, Last Night on Earth, Redneck Life, Miami Vice, Zombies, etc.

  7. Apples to Apples

    Ticket to Ride


    I've always enjoyed all of them.

    I'd love to try munchkin some time though

  8. In alphabetical order: Acquire; Apples to Apples; Dutch Blitz; Fluxx; Settlers of Catan

    I didn't include strategy/wargames in my post, but they would be: Chess; Panzer Leader & Panzer Blitz (both AH games); Russian Campaign (AH); Stratego; Third Reich (AH); and the various Strat0O-Matic sports games

  9. Dark Tower. Blood Bowl. Scrabble. Cribbage.

    Not necessarily that order.

  10. Civilization (the boardgame, not the loosely-adapted Sid Meier computer game that was later re-adapted as a different boardgame)

    various versions of Tafl

    Mills/9 Men's Morris

    1776 (Avalon Hill game of Revolutionary War)

    actually, speaking of 1776, I love hex and chit wargames in general, and own a few that I love playing (Starship Troopers, Dark Emperor, Julius Caesar, Druid, and such)

    Settlers of Catan

    There are probably a lot more that I am just not thinking of right now. Pretty much, I love games.

  11. Yeah, cribbage.


  12. I've just discovered Combat Commander: Europe (which has been around for quite awhile). If you every wanted to teach a non-wargamer a wargame (without all the fiddly bits as with Tide of Iron) or you are looking for a great squad level tactical WWII wargame that takes a different approach than something like squad leader this is definitely worth a try.

    BTW got my GM#3, for some reason I'd thought I'd ordered one earlier but I hadn't.

  13. My two big ones are, like others have mentioned, Munchkin and Settlers of Catan. Another fun card game is Quidder, which is a bit like a mash-up of Scrabble and Phase 10.

  14. My family has two favorites: Uno and Flying Buffalo's Nuclear War. In fact, when the gaming group gets together with the families, we have a MASSIVE tourney of Nuclear War.

  15. Quiddler is a fun game.