Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Manor Day: Zine Business

Yesterday was a fun day with the release of the 8th Manor.  Heck, I even made it to the #2 spot on RPGNow.  While I know we aren't supposed to care about those things, I like it when it happens.  All the print orders went out yesterday with the help of my lovely assistant.

I used to do my sales report and that's fallen off.  I plan to get into doing that again.  I don't even know how many I send out yesterday.  That's something I plan on writing more about, the zine business.  A while back I did a break down of costs and equipment to make my zine.  I plan to do another because so much has changed since I began this a couple of years ago.  When I first started the zine I can only think of 3 or 4 that were active and now there is more than that active in just the DCC line. 

In the past couple of years people have been getting involved in zines.  It's been very cool to see how it has evolved and how its expanded.  I've gotten to know a good batch of folks who've asked advice from my limited knowledge.  I think I learned more trying to answer the question than the information I gave them.

Thanks to all those who support not just my zine, but any of the OSR zines out there.  It's really become its own subculture.  I hope to have enough brainpower in the next couple days to create a PDF about zines and getting going.  I hope to get input from a batch of other guys out there also.

Until then, worship the long-armed can change the world.


  1. All Hail the Mighty Bostich! And All His Pokey-type Minions!!

  2. It is great to see this resurgence of mini-zines and such!

  3. It is great to see this resurgence of mini-zines and such!

  4. Picked up mine so as to complete my Manor collection

  5. Our hobby has gained so much thanks to Christian.

    1. Which is not to take anything away from your husband, our gracious host, who picked up that torch and lit a hundred more from it.

  6. As someone just putting my ship out into the zine waters your posts have all been helpful. My long-armed stapler is all new and shiny...hopefully it will be a weathered veteran some day as well :)