Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Feature: Obuilette #9 and Giveaway

Oubliette is one of the first OSR magazines I read years ago.  Before I even got the idea of doing my own.  +Peter Regan is to blame for this little zine of goodness.  A print copy was included in April's Mythoard and it has been on the top seller list at RPGNow for a few weeks. It's been a while since Peter's put out an issue and I'm very glad he did.

The traditional creepy heavy ink style of the art give Oubliette its distinct look.  There is a lot of original art in this mini 20 page zine.  It's made of a glossy cardstock, all the pages are.  It is little, but it is mighty.

The first feature is an adventure, The Fella in the Cella.  This adventure was build for Labyrinth Lords ruleset.  This is a cool short adventure that features a interesting and a bit funny antagonist.  Love the maps, nice and clean, easy to read.

Next is The Book of Lost Spells.  Four new, useful spells to add o your game.  I really like Bird's-Eye View.  Very helpful spell.

The third offering is Found Familiar.  Peter takes an in-depth look into a bat familiar.  This is exactly the kind of thing I like.  Taking a gaming thing and putting a microscope on it to get the details.

Fourth is These Boots Were Made For...  Probably my favorite piece.  A collection of four magic boots with some peculiar powers.  Army Boots are going into a adventure.  All of them are great.

Fifth is Monster Club #17 featuring the Titanboa.  This big,  badass snake can swallow a horse and have room for jello.

Pool of the Titans is another mini-adventure with great maps.  This adventure may or may not feature a certain snake. 

Lastly, on the back cover is D20 Hit Point String Generator.  Roll a couple d20s and its a random, random way of rolling hit point for critters. 

Giveaway Part
Yeah, I'm getting to the giveaway part.  I have two copies of Oubliette, Issue #9.  One I got in the Mythoard, the other I received from Peter directly.  We swapped mini zines.  But I want someone else to give it a good home.  It is really cool and must be shared.  So if you want to be in the giveaway just comment here or in Google+ and then I'll randomly determine who gets the copy...unless I don't like you then I will just roll again.

Have a good Friday folks and do yourself a favor, head over to Peters Squarehex Store and look around.  He's got a lot of cool gaming items to buy.  All of them are useful for any game.  And grab the back issues of Oubliette.