Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mail Call Explosion!

Alright.  Where to start?  I've gotten a ton of great material in the mail over the past week.  With vacation starting tomorrow after work, it's perfect timing.  Let's start off with the zines...I make no apologizes for playing favorites.

The Undercroft! by none other than +Daniel Sell.  There are some fantastic pieces in this zine.

Zine #2 is issue #2 of +James Maliszewski's The Excellent Travelling Volume.  I am getting my Tekumel education from James.  Looking forward to digging into his second offering.

Okay, now something very cool.  I often sing the praises to the OSR and the people within.  This week +Andy Action gets my Coolest Dude in the World award.  He sent me some of his CDs.  I've had a chance to listen to a few songs on the Apes & Androids CDs.  I'll be listening to his stuff as I write over vacation.  Should prove some interesting inspiration. 

And also sent me a couple of issues of Gygax magazine.  I went from having none, to three issues now (counting the one from last Mythoard).  He said he just wanted to show his appreciation for me sending out stuff.  It is a thrill to get these kind of mystery boxes in the mail.

I order these two from +Annah Madriñan.  She has a big batch of gaming stuff for sail and I scarfed up these two.  I'm still collecting Ravenloft stuff just because.  I'm not sure what I plan to do with it, but somewhere in my mind it all makes perfect sense.  It is just not telling me yet.  Thanks to Annah for making a easy, fast transaction.

Lastly, I bought the Field Guide of Creatures Malevolent and Benign.  Hell, it was less than $4 and its a monster manual.  Unfortunately the postmen decided to cram it into my PO box and bunged it up.  Grrr.  Sometimes I think postmen are evil aligned. 

As you can see my mail box was treated me well this week. 


  1. That is dropship sized supply


  2. Ravenloft.... That was my Favorite game realm...!!!
    still have most of the first "products" of the Land of the Mists....
    A great day to you good Sir...