Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random Map Monday... errr Tuesday: Trying to Add Some Texture

Here is the map I was working on yesterday.  I've gotten away from the blob forests with the heavy shading on the edge.  Although I still go back to that now and then.  I've been working on a different way of coloring the trees, like I did with my lava and reefs.  I take three colors of varying colors,  in this case different shades of greens and blend them into one another.

I am no artist.  Never took an art class and I don't have any concept about shading, textures or some other words art people use.  Contrast!  I think that's another arty word.  So my attempts are clumsy, but I do like where its going.

What helps pull this look off is the undulations.  I used to do smooth outlines, but the more jagged out line the more I can play with the colors.

The top map is one that came off straight from the scanned.  I usually use that version.  Sometimes the colors are a bit muted, but generally its a look I like.  Below is a version of the map when I hit the enhance button.  It brightens the colors.  In this case I think I prefer the enhanced version. 

I kept the features to a minimum because this is the next micro-adventure map, Oswalt's Village.  A fey forest.  I have to do some research, but generally I think I know how it write.  The feature in the bottom right bottom corner is supposed to be a thick layer of fog.  So anyone trying to get a view of what lies below will only get the quickest of peeks. 

I'll know more once I start writing it.  I hope to have it done before the end of the week.  I'm looking forward to another trip to the bookstore, another caramel drink and getting more writing done.

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  1. For "not being an artist" I think you do pretty well!