Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Manor Issue #8 is For Sale

Where is it going?

Or you can purchase the PDF of Issue 8 at RPGNow or at Lulu.

This issue is filled with kick-ass stuff.  Douglas Cole and Peter V. Dell'Orto wrote a fantastic piece, Old School Grappling.  They present a set of rules that will make all those tavern brawls a blast.

Trey Causey gives us a sneak peek at his incredible Strange Stars.

And I have added my own spin on Hirelings.  A simple way to make hirelings more interesting and useful.

And the final article, I turn up the Torchbearer to 11.  And if a torchbearer turned up to 11 isn't enough, there are eight different torches to add into your game! 


  1. Bought. Sold. Awesome.

    And a left-handed fighter on the cover. Nice.

  2. Ordered and waiting by mailbox.

    Is it here yet?

    Is it here yet?

    Mum is it here yet..............