Sunday, May 24, 2015

Patreon: MA#25 Denizon's Folly

Denizon's Folly is my third Patreon release this month, my second in two days.  I'm on a streak.  This adventure introduces the fey.  Inspired by the Celtic mythos.  A group of locals leave a Summer Solstice celebration searching for adventure.  They haven't been seen since.  Or the party could be traveling a rarely travel road or traipsing through a forest and find the unfinished tower.

I like these kind of adventures.  They are a change of pace from the hack and slash and loot.  The possible hostile encounters are more subtle than a fireball of a great axe.  The Yellow Mummers are my favorite in this one.  Fey creatures so small they appear as specks of light when they are feeding or appear as particles of dust when not.  They consume memories and form intricate patterns.  Most of the time their exploration is subtle, unnoticeable.  It manifests itself as a temporarily forgotten name or date.  Something has slipped your mind or its on the tip of your tongue and you can't quite get it out.  But should the yellow mummers become hostile they consume one day's memories in a single hour. 

This adventure could possibly take the players into the fey realm.  Be it to find the lost locals or possibly an encounter with the trickster who has stolen away something important.  That will be the second part of the adventure.  It is called Village of Osmolt. 

Denizon's Folly can be download by anyone.  There is a PDF of the adventure, a GM and players map also.  I always include a blank map for on-line play.  That's where I do most of my gaming these days.  Ir you can use it for your own personal game.  Those that are at the $2.50 or higher pledge level will receive a laminated version of this adventure.

Here a picture of the unlaminated version.  I'll print a small batch of these out and then slip them into something a little more comfortable. 

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