Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Day to Get a Subscription to The Manor

The 8th issue of The Manor will be released this week.  With that I will be closing the subscription offer.  I do this because it is easier for me to remember, instead of having subscriptions scattered over different issues.  This is a 4 issue subscription that will start with issue 8 and conclude with issue 11.  You can find the button on the right column of this blog.

I plan to develop a community on Google+ for subscribers.  Because issues sometimes have long periods between them, some folks forget they've subscribed.  And it will give me a good spot to update the progress of an issue.  You'll get a sneak peak of the art and what's to come.

I'm leaving subscriptions open until tonight sometime.  So if you have been thinking about it, get your subscription started now. 


  1. I can't remember if I re-uped or not. Anyway to check on the status of a subscription?

  2. I can't believe that ANYONE could possibly ever forget their subscription.

    (/self-deprecating sarcasm)