Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mythoard Kicks Down the Door

Yesterday I received my new favorite thing of gaming in the mail, Mythhoard.  This box was jammed pack of cool stuff.  Old stuff and new stuff.  I enjoy it all.

This array of fantastic gaming stuff come from +Peter Regan and his company Squarehex.  He's done a bunch of Kickstarters for his adventure mapping pads.  He gives you some cool sample of what you get.  And a copy of the 9th issue of Oubliette.  Peter has been doing Oubliette way before I even thought of doing a zine.  I don't think Peter gets enough credit for being one of the first folks I knew that put out an old school zine.

This is the second time +David Guyll and Melissa Fisher from Awful Good Games has been in the Mythoard box.  I couldn't find a link to their store...if anyone has one please let me know.  Lichfield expands on the Mythoard Exclusive world.  It is written for Dungeon World, a game I've never played, but I am interested to try.  But even if you don't like DW, this adventure is a lot of fun.  I scimmed through it and has a few ideas right away on how to convert and use it.

Grrr, this sideways picture of For Rent, Lease or Conquest comes from AAW, which stands for Adventure a Week.  This is one of the aspects about Mythoard I enjoy, being introduced to new gaming companies.  This is a well done, full-color adventure.  I love the look of this book.  I'll have to give it a thorough read through.

+Johua De Santo from Genius Loci Games penned Tower of the Everflame.  Another entry into the Mythoard exclusive game world.  I love the form of this.  Last month +Jarrod Shaw did the same for one I wrote.  I like that they can be placed in a 3-ring binder.  Joshua gives you a creepy weird place to drop into your game and another fantastic entry into the Mythoard world.

Lastly a couple of old Judges Guild products.  I can never have enough of these.  And these are still in the shrink wrap.

+Mythoard knocked this one out of the park...again.  I believe this is the 5th offering and everyone I've gotten has been fantastic.  I hope it continues on for a long time.  

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