Monday, May 11, 2015

Random Map Monday 17

I drew this one in the middle of last week and it became the map for my latest micro adventure, The Last Shrine of Kyuss.  I've been trying to introduce different ground elements.  I think right now I have two, the boulder/rock and the bushy looking thing.  These break up the open spaces a bit and give the map more character.  Here's what the map looks like for the adventure.

I labeled seven locations on this small area map.  In The Last Temple of Kyuss I included both a blank map and a GM map.  The blank map is for folks who play on-line like myself and need something the players can romp around on.  It is free for anyone to grab a copy.  I like this one turned out because of the no so subtle twist.  The players can help a pair of merchants who claim to have been robbed of their goods by brigands.  Once the party investigates they may well find out there is a lot more going on that has nothing to do with stolen weapons. 

I've added new goal levels.  I've almost reach the $150 level.  I'm hoping to upgrade some of my programs which are getting older.  Or a new printer.  I've run mine through the ringer these past few years.  And then I added a Dyson level at $300.  Like I say in the description, if I reach this level I may fall on the floor and flail around a little.  Someone asked if I would post a video of that.  I just might.

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