Thursday, May 14, 2015

April '15 GM Games Sales

I checked, September was the last time I did a sales report.  I've been slacking.  Here is last months report.  Since September I've released Manor #7 (and #8, but that won't be on this report since it was released in May), Stone Fields of Azoroth and Starter Adventures.  Oh, and the Flayed King.  I'm glad to see the different products because I always think I'm not doing enough. 

I don't have any grand totals because I have to calculate the previous months.  I post something about that later.  Last month highlighted The Flayed King that was released for Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day.  Over 600 PDF downloads and I sent out about 150 print copies.

Starter Adventures had a nice bump in sales because of the Lulu 30% discount and then I had cut the price by 30% also. 

The Manor sales were anemic, but those sales really feed off of new releases.  I believe the 7th Manor was released in August '14.  So over eight months between new issues will flatline your sales. 

So it looks like I sold 38 units and had 669 free downloads.  I'll have more details once I calculate the numbers and do a retro sales report. 

Thanks to those who support my stuff.  I hope its fun and useful.

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