Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Map Monday 18: Neutral Ground

I always like the combination of elements.  In this case, the mining tunnels combined with stone worked rooms.  The stonework rooms are reinforced where supplies are kept and what I imagine would be a safe zone for miners.  Or some diabolical creature.  I'm not sure yet.  This map is in the cue to use in the future. 

I tried to use a feathering effect for the trees to give them a softer look.  I'm not a fan on how it turned out.  And I need to use more distinctive browns when coloring in the areas between ground and tunnels. 

It's the Monday before I go on vacation that starts on Friday.  I believe that is called an eternity.  I hope to get another micro-adventure done this week.  Did some research and preliminary work on it yesterday at the bookstore while some guy behind me whistled loudly to the Frank Sinatra collection that played through the store speakers as he thumbed through Fortune magazine.  I sat there with Seether blasting in my ears thumbing through my Fiend Folio deciding which way to kill your characters.  Different cultures, bookstore cafe, neutral ground. 

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  1. I feel your pain. I'm on the week between two Monday holiday weeks and it can not go quick enough.