Friday, March 25, 2011

3-25-11 Newbie Blogger Award

It's time again for the Newbie Blogger Award. And it's going to be a 3peat for the blogs down under. This week's award goes to Ragnardbard, keeper of the Vaults of the Mad Archmage.

In his first blog he starts off with a bang discussing what he would like to accomplish, self-publishing some OSR goodness.  He lays out a plan of what he intends to do. And, check out his mapping skills with his Regional Dungeon Entrances.  You don't see a lot of colored maps these days and the best part I like, they are hand drawn.

I know Ragnardbard is going to be a great contributor to the OSR.  I think Australia may have to host the first OSR worldwide convention.

Okay folks, you know the drill, go to his blog, read what he has to say and start following.  He will not disappoint.  Congrats Ragnardbard and thank you to Austrodavicus for the referral.


  1. Done! Go you Aussie!

    Can I just say Tim what a personal inspiration it was to win your award a few weeks back. I don't think I would have had the energy or self belief to launch Links to Wisdom, without the boost winning your award gave a minnow blogger like me.


  2. Congratulations to fellow Aussie Ragnardbard, very well deserved. He gets my vote for the most entertaining game session reports I think I've ever read.

  3. Hey, I like the idea of an Aussie OSR convention. I've never been and it would give me the perfect wheedling material to use on Daisey (although she really wants to go to Australia so it'd be more me wheedling to actually get to the convention).

  4. On my way as soon as I saddle the horse.

  5. Yeah Ragnardbard! Congratz!

    - Ark

  6. I think it's great that you're doing this Tim. It brings so many new blogs to our attention that might otherwise slip past, unnoticed. Thanks for the effort.

  7. Jovial Priest > Don't blame me for your confidence on competency, that's all on you my man.

    Austro > Looking forward to seeing more of his posts.

    Johnathan > Doesn't a trip to Australia sound like a blast for a convention. I'd love it.

    Lurker > Well giddy up!

    Ark > Just thought I would say hi, so 'hi'.

    Sean > Thanks. I thought it was fun to make a goofy little blog award. I love the fallen knight guy, he cracks me up. And I am glad to help any new blogger. All the guys I've chosen I have no doubt would have done fine on their own.

  8. Done and done. Always looking for new blogs that line up with my interests and have original content. Thanks!

  9. Woah! I JUST now found out about this! I (and my kids, what's worse) have been ill all week, so you caught me on my first -hack- cough-splutter- blogging hiatus...

    Thanks very much, everyone- it's nice to be appreciated. My efforts will, hence, be redoubled. The encouragement really does make a big difference... :)