Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four Naked Elf Chicks in a Hot Tub

In the spirit of James of Underdark Gazette, I make my offering of hot elf chicks.

Now I know they don't look like elves, but when I imagine them with heads, they do.

And oh yeah I am supposed to put something about the OSR in here. We are all cool.  Come play with us.  Really.  We're not that weird......okay so we are, but its okay.  And I like Pie!


  1. I have a good imagination, but not that good i still see uncooked food!!

  2. That's just fowl, man.... :)

  3. Hahahaha, I love it! And thank you for your continued pro pie stance!

  4. Hey. This is why The Whisk is kicking your ass on comments. Not choosing sides, just making an observation.

  5. Don't listen to Johnathan with his pro-pie demagoguery. Stand with the cake.

  6. Rusty > I am only 10 comments behind. And I think ten of them are hers so I think we are tied, but there is some dispute.

    Johnathan > When you hit upon a universlal truth people pay attention.

    Grendelwulf > I was going to make an egg pun, but it made me groan. Eggactly.

    Lurker > These are the fair skinned elves that live in the land of Kintuckee where a giant they call the Kernal terrorizes them.

    Luke > Aren't we all?

    Ark > I have no idea what you said, but it was done with zest.

  7. ckutalik > Don't you start a desert war on my blog. I open to all desserts. The only thing I am against iss their absence.

  8. Ark: Naked chickens, Legos on crappers, dessert wars, it's all good stuff.

    Luke: You really gotta wanna see it.

    Lurker: I'm going to make stock of those birds, yet.

    Grendelwulf: LOL. He can't help it, he lives with a cook.

    Johnathan: You started a dessert war and you didn't eat a dessert. Well done.

    Rusty: Hey, you voted for Tim three times and me none times. I am wounded. Wounded I say, wounded.

    Chutalik: The dessert wars continue.

    Tim: Smooch.

  9. @Whisk: Express deliver some salmon or, better yet, some pizzelles. My vote (and comments) can be is not a question of ethics, it is simply a matter of price.

  10. Hahahaha, Rusty. That's pretty good. Better yet, I'll give you Tim's favorite chocolate marshmallow ice cream and homemade pizzelle cones.