Monday, March 21, 2011

The Way I Play

Monday night gaming, where a human, an elf and a half demon scour the Majestic Wilderlands righting wrongs and seeking justice in their own twist view of how things should be.  (Now say this in a Howard Cosell voice and it sounds much more interesting.)  Yes, it is game night.  I'm glad we do it on Monday's it helps me look forward to the day.  I would like to get into another game that meets maybe twice a month face-to-face, but scheduling that is always difficult.  Anyways to the point of my blog...

I guess I am an role-player in the grand scheme of player archetypes.  I want to explore the world the GM has created and help him find things maybe he didn't even know about his world.  I want to go through the stories the GM has created and maybe come up with an unexpected ending.  I want to see my character grow as the story and world move around him.  Actions do have rewards and consequences that effect my character down the line.  I like that I won't know when that moment is sometimes.  That moment when a simple decision can change everything.  And of course there are those times when you know what you decide will alter the path your character is on.

I'm like to go with the flow of things and not be bogged down by referencing rulebooks.  Sometimes its necessary, but most of the time I like it when the GM just says roll and I'll let you know.  I love rolling dice.  Playing so much virtual table top gaming I miss rolling a real die.  The thump on the table, the quick clicking as it rolls, bounces and spins to its final resting place.  I roll up characters just because I like the process.  I like coming up with backgrounds and stories and adventures these imaginary folks have been on.  I mine real life to for gems so I can decorate my NPCs. 

Time to go back to work.  Lunch is over.  Whisk made me another killer lunch.  My day always goes by much better when she does.  It's game night tonight.  Even though it's a Monday, it's one of my favorite nights of the week. 


  1. Are you like the cutest, or what? Lunch dishes done, time for my walk. See you later tonight after the shop. Have a great game.


    PS: I broke the screen door again.

  2. Hmmm, the yang of the ying. She makes a great lunch, washes the dishes and then breaks the screen door....again. Time to get a new one. Screen door that is.

  3. :-) Yeah, yeah. Screen door, my ass.

    Double smooch.

  4. Too few gamers think about what motivates them, what part of gaming connects with their "fun" center.

    Someone who knows and can articulate this is a valuable resource for a GM, whose main job is to satisfy the specific motivations and provide that fun.

  5. I hope you have a great game tonight. Your post inspired one of my own.

  6. "I want to go through the stories the GM has created and maybe come up with an unexpected ending."

    I'm pretty much the same way. I haven't had a lot of luck with sandbox games.

    And fix that screen door, darn it!

  7. You tell him, Christian. Thanks for that. I enjoyed that a lot.

  8. Amen, Tim!

    You hit the nail on the head there. I go through adventures to find out what the story is, to play my character, not optimize the heck out of him and because Mr. Super Ultimate Power Gamer. It seemed like, in the last few games I played, that was the point. There wasn't "was it fun?" there was more of "what Feat should I take?"