Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Additions to the Family

Aww, look how cute they are.  So shiny and new, couldn't you just kiss their bottom.  And that wonderful smell.  That new dice smell.  These silver pair were added to my family after visiting my FNGS, Gold Star Anime.  Rob Conley runs a game there once a month, sometimes twice, GMing them through his Majestic Wilderlands.  So if you are ever interested in a game and in NW PA give Jerry a call and he'll let you know when the games are scheduled.

I also received Christian's 5th installment of One Square Equals 5 Feet.  (OS=5F).  I am going to roll up another character.  A 5th level one this time.  Fester, father of Chester and Hester, returns to the scene where his two sons met their end.  This dwarven warrior will take no prisoners and topple the mountain upon the heads of his sons' murderers.  Or join his sons trying.

The Spring Equinox was a good one in this household.  But it's Sunday night and with a busy week ahead I am thinking about...actually I've been thinking about my one-page dungeon contest entry.  I think I have a good concept for this one.  Wasn't sure if I was going to enter, but it is a lot of fun and the dungeons are all very cool.  So if you are planning on entering get on it.  April will come up on us very soon.  There are a ton of great prizes, not the least of which I donated 3 copies of Knowledge Illuminates to the winners.  Good luck.

Now stop looking at my dice.  Go get your own.


  1. Let me guess - if he dies, the next one is their sister or mother, Esther?

  2. That's right Mr. Toe. And I'll bring in their cousin Bester if I need too, along with his dog, Tester. And then after that I'll probably have to think of a new name.

  3. Um...what the hell is One Square Equals Five Feet? Is it any good? Where does one acquire a copy?

  4. OSE5F is Christian of Destination Unknown's handwritten 'zine. He decided he enjoys that more than blogging everything so he's sending them out. I believe to subscribe you just need to contact him and promise something in kind to him. Not sure what. But, you know, he's mailing them to people, because old school farts like getting stuff in the mail(no really, they do!).

  5. Silver gaming dice, how the other half lives Fester:P

  6. JB > GSV speaks the truth. Christian (Destination Unknown blog) sent out the the fifth issue last week. It's one page, one the front there is a note about whatever is going on with Christian and on the back has been an solo adventure you can go through step-by-step. Every time I've gone through it I've died.

    I really do like getting stuff in the mail.

    Lurker > Well, only silver plated. And probably more just shiny plated. But when I feel poor or having a bad die I pick up this shiny pair and wonder what a sucker I am for different kinds of dice.

  7. Good luck, Fester! May the gods be with you!

    I love getting Christian's OSE5F, great little zine, love getting it in the mail. I believe that since most of us communicate via email these days, now getting something other than a bill in old snail's sort of magical.