Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GM Games Sales Report for February

Since I currently have one product for sale this will be a simple.  I plan on doing this monthly just for those who plan on getting into selling their own gaming stuff or those already in it who are interested in how a small one-guy company.  Since this is my first foray into this I have nothing to compare it to.  In an earlier post I spoke about expectations and what my expectations are will determine whether it is a success or not.  This still holds true, but the other part of it is I hope to successfully satisfy my customers' expectations of my product and hope they feel they got value for the money they spent. 

My expectation was to sell 25 copies of Knowledge Illuminates.  That was it.  I didn't want to set my goal too high because I know the gaming industry is struggling and gaming purchases are at the bottom of a priory list.  I wanted to make $2+ for every adventure sold.  With a non-exclusive agreement with RPGNow (which gives me 65% of the listed price) and a $4 price tag that earns me $2.60 per sale.

This month I sold 37 copies of Knowledge Illuminates and 11 complimentary copies were downloaded by reviewers and those who assisted.  There are 6 people who have it in their shopping carts and 18 have it in their wish list.  Knowledge Illuminates product page was viewed 2489 times.  Although I think a few hundred was me check on it.  Couldn't help it.  I checked my email about ten times a day to see if I sold anything.  I usually check my email once a day.  The total dollar amount sold was $148.  My profit was $96.20. 

The cost for art work was $29.91.  That reduces my profit to $66.29.  But the great thing is I can reuse the art for future products.  So I paid for it already.  I won't mention the $30 I took in site credit to take advantage of Avalon Game Company's $1 day sale and bought more art.  But since none of the art appeared in Knowledge Illuminates I won't count it. 

Big bucks, eh.  Though the money is not going to buy me a car I had fun.  Like I mentioned earlier it was the first time in a long time I enjoyed checking my email.  It's like when you order something on Amazon and going to the mailbox to see if your order came in yet.  The one day I came home and had five sales.  It was fun.  And it motivates me to complete more projects. 

The area I need to educate myself on is art.  I need to get to know a few artists whose work I like and see what it costs for me to get them involved.  I'm not interested in changing the genre of art or producing something where the art is the featured feature.  I would like art that is made just for my stuff and not something that is stuffed into a hundred other products.  But on my profit margin it's not going to happen yet, but that gives me time to educate myself.


  1. Good to hear how it's going and as you said it's small now but hopefully will get better but it's good to learn early and gives you a headstart for future endeavours.

  2. Awesome Tim, thanks for the insight. I've got a few products I'd like to put out and it's interesting to see how it works out. Fortunately, the art part is the easy part for me.

  3. Very cool. Glad to see that you were able to make a few bucks. I might have to git it a look myself.