Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Whisk Meets the Swedish Chef

Over at Barking Alien Ivy encounters the muppet known as the Swedish Chef.  He's one scary dude.  Crazy.  She had a lot of fun participating in Barking Aliens series.  Please go check it out and find a killer Strawberry over Biscuits with homemade whip cream.  I speak from 1st hand experience that this is a wonderful thing.  Indulge yourself and check it out. 


  1. That's totally borked up man! I gotta go see that . . .

    - Ark

  2. Tim showed me this when I got home from work and the market, tonight. Then he read it out loud in the voice of the Swedish Chef. So fun.

  3. What a project that was. Great fun and a cool cameo. The media career is really taking off - next stop the newest Wonder Woman.