Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Combat Options

Combat options.  I like them.  I like simple tweaks. If you use two hands on a single handed weapon you get +1 to damage.  Common sense dictates though, if a player tries to do this with a dagger a GM is indeed permitted to embed a 4-side in the requesting player's forehead.  (The main reason I carry extra on me.)  I like to keep them simple though.  I don't want to calculate the arch of an arrow as it leaves a welsh longbow.  Here are some simple rules I like.  Please add some one you use to spice up the game a bit.

+1 to damage when two hands are used on a single handed weapon
+2 to hit for rear attacks, and the defender cannot use dex bonus or shield for AC
-4 to hit invisible opponents if you know the general location
-10 to hit invisible opponents if you don't know the general location
+2 to hit stunned, prone of motionless opponents and defender cannot use dex bonus for AC
Automatic hit for sleeping or held opponents

Two weapons, I am more of a fan of the -2/-4 to hit than +1 for 1 attack, but that would be something I would discuss with players and see what they like. 

Critical hits, I like making my own table.  The simple way we do it though is max damage and then roll normal damage on top of it.  Sometimes I like the random effects of a good hit. 

That's all for now.  Lunch is over and I gotta run.


  1. I like these, elegant and simple. Especially +1 damage for wielding one-handed weapons two handed. Why didn't I think of that - my options of class based damage distinguishing between one and two hand wielding of one-handed weapons is much more cumbersome.

  2. These rules are all in the original DMG. Page 70 I think. So nothing creative on my part. Just a rule thief.

  3. A dagger WAS used in 2 hands to stab down through mail armor. ;)

  4. Yeah got me there Stuart. How could I forget the double fisted, over the head plunge.

  5. The variable -2 to +2 "GM's Call" bonus or penalty, a powerful tool if used correctly.

  6. Rule thief? I think not, imitation is the highest form of flattery. As you say, most of your rules are taken (or modified) from DMG page 70, but I can't find your +1 for wielding one-handed weapons two handed. Anyone know where this might come from or do we give Tim full credit?

  7. I believe I got that one from Swords & Wizardry. So again not mine. I'm flexing my theifing skills.