Monday, March 28, 2011

My One-Page Dungeon Entry

Here is my entry for this year's One-Page Dungeon contest,  Race to Adventurer's Keep.  Last year I has a theme of one bad guy hiding out in four possible locations.  I thought it added a bit a role playing to the adventure having to find Margesh.  My maps were hand drawn and looked horrible compared to the rest of the entries.  Some of those maps were works of art.

This year there is no map with my adventure.  Doesn't need one.  It's a timed adventure, run by random encounters.  It can be run solo or with a group.  It's a bit snarky at places and hopefully fun all over.

Time for work.  It's game night.  Enough said.

*Alan's corrections have been made.  Thanks Alan!


  1. No map? That sounds pretty interesting. I'll wait to see it when it's posted by the contest, though, since Mediafire always gives me pop-ups which crash my browser and/or Windows.

    Good luck in the contest!

  2. Tim,

    Seems like a couple of the references are off by one:

    #33 references #27, but it should be #28

    #34 references #30, but it should be 31.

  3. Alan > Thank you, changes have been made.

    Mike > is there another place that you can DL without all that popup crap? I hate it.

  4. Re other DL sites: I've heard of Drop Box, and Google Docs, and similar being used; I just put my crap on my blog but I'm on Wordpress which may make it easier than Blogger does.

    Anyway I braved Mediafire and noted the corrections in the other comment, plus: 32 is a repeat of 48. Don't know if that is a bug or a feature. And: I'm having a little trouble with the rain only affecting one player (shouldn't it slow everyone?) and the forest fire (doesn't it spread? might other nearby PCs be choked by blowing smoke?).

    Overall a very imaginative and out-side-box entry. I might do something similar to my players, not as a test but as a different kind of adventure--I always have trouble with ideas outside of dungeons. Could be a race agianst time, or a hunt for a McGuffin, or a prank played by pixies.

    Great work!

  5. I really love this concept -- the idea of time rather than space defining the adventure is excellent. Best of luck in the contest!

  6. I agree with previous posters, love the module and what you've done with the space limitation, hate the file hosting site.

  7. Mike > Yeah 32 and 48 are supposed to be the same. Figured there would be a good chance to run into another trainee. Yep the rain would effect everyone, I guess I was thinking it was more like a micro cloud burst, but that took up more room than raining. The fire would. Very good points to all. Thanks for checking it out Mike. It was fun to do. Need to check out the other one posted now.

    Bard > Thanks. I know I don't have a chance with my maps so I need to do extra work with concept and word execution.

    DocStout > Thanks, very glad you liked it. I think I am going to try google documents or something else.

  8. Tim,

    the contest page states:

    "The submission must have a name, an author, a map, a key, a link to the license ( and no game stats."

    If I'm butting in where it's not necessary, I apologize. :)

    Also, I really like dropbox!

  9. James > Doh! You know, I knew that too. Ah well. It was still fun to do. Thanks for bursting my bubble James, sheesh. :P

  10. Perhaps if a map with a key was included as an in game item...

  11. Couldn't you do a schematic map (you are here x ===woods===> o guild) or sometihng to keep yourself in the running?

    BTW I think several other entries have blatantly included game stats. If they are not disqualified you should fight this! Sue their legs off! ;)