Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Game Night

Game night was a blast. After a series of set up, information gathering sessions we finally got into doing what we do best. Burning things, breaking things and killing things. To add to the fun we rolled just enough 1's to keep us laughing. A lot. Started with a little miscalculation with a teleport. It wasn't my fault and I wasn't on the receiving end.

To get to our target we needed to go through enemy territory. I'm not sure if they know we are their enemy, we've wiped out nearly a division of their soldier, but none have survived to tell the tale. They just keep disappearing in this one strip we travel. Well, twenty foot soldiers were incinerated. Then more soldiers tracked us during the night, but we saw them coming. Whoosh, was the last sound they heard.

Once we got to the demon's (Verdian) stronghold it took some time to find it. It was hidden by an illusion. Once we got inside, general mayhem ensued. My guy was critically hit and almost dropped. Goblin with a big ass crossbow. Man. When we got to the Verdians and demons they were unaware we were armed with shards of the chromatic crystal. One touch from them and they need to save vs. being dead.

It took a few tries, but all of them went up in smoke and fire. During our exploration of the keep Rob kept reading the treasure list of what was valuable in the rooms and we told him not to worry about it. It was a foregone conclusion we were going to take of the keep once we cleared it. Our second profession is acquiring restate apparently. Our holdings are expanding beyond the point that I forget what we have.

Anyways, no game next week. I’m blaming Rusty for the whole thing even though I couldn’t play either due to an anniversary. Thanks Rob, it was a lot of fun last night. Makes Mondays a good thing.


  1. It was an awesome night! I'm already figuring how how we can add more portals to connect our growing empire. I also have a conspiracy theory about Horus, our future nemesis.

  2. I like the idea of adventurers getting into real estate, and might have to put together a scenario/ruleset about how that would work, maybe make it the focus of a campaign. I like mixing a little bit of "sim" into an RPG.