Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Trifecta at Ludibrium Games

As you can see by my side column of my running total for the year I am a game buyer.  Love reading new material.  I decided to get into the GM Sale at RPGNow and pick a few things I was curious about.  I bought all three adventures from Ludibrium Games.  Ironwood Gorge, The Sanctuary Ruin and their latest offering Kingmaker.  I printed out two of them and plan to read them.  The only request I would have to the guys is please oh please do not use a black background for your maps.  It eats way too much ink.  Especially some of the full page maps you have.  Admittedly it looks good, but if I gotta buy another ink cartridge to print out an adventure that is less money to get more gaming goodness.  I'll do some mini reviews probably later on in the week.

I also picked up Oubliette 5 for the low low price of zip, zilch, nada.  I'm still waiting for my print copies (issues 1 thru 4) in the mail.  Again will try to do a mini review later on in the week.  Tenkar has shown me the way that reviews don't have to be exhausting to write. 

And my final self promotion plug for the GM Sale.  Grab a copy a Knowledge Illuminates for only 3 bucks if you haven't yet.  The sale ends tomorrow.

Now go hug a sleestak.

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  1. I ain't hugging no sleestak's, you never know where they've been.