Friday, March 11, 2011

A Very Cool Blog About Whisk

Austrdavisus did a very cool blog about my wife, Ivy.  He comments on her food and being a a wife to a gamer and taking interest in the games I get involved in.  He appreciates her humor.  Go check out his blog which is a great one anyhow and the kind words he said about Ivy.

And he likes Nigella Lawson.  This guy is smart as hell.


  1. Ha! Is he up for a newblie blog award?
    : )

  2. He may have to be after this. He had me at Nigella. *gets smacked in the back of the head by Ivy*

  3. Blimey Tim, you make me blush, thanks. Anyway Ivy deserves the praise, her blog was just what I needed after a week spent delving into the guts of the OSR.

  4. JB: Tim can't hear you because he's distracted by that picture of Nigella.

    Tim: Now I'm definitely giving your chocolate marshmallow away.

    austrodavicus: I'm flattered by your post and glad you got a few laughs from my blog. I'm still new at it but I'm digging the fun. Thanks again for the shout out.

  5. ....Nigella Lawson.......sweating now.......good stuff about The Happy Whisk....I'll take your chocolate marshmallows Tim.

  6. Teleporting them to you now, Lurker.