Monday, March 14, 2011

Starter Adventures New Artists

Some very cool news for Starter Adventures, two local artists, Jason Sholtis and John Larrey will be doing the artwork.  These two are no strangers to the OSR and their work will appear in Rob Conley's 'Scourge of the Demon Wolf' adventure and they've done pieces for Knockspell and others I am sure I don't know about.  Plus they are a lot of fun to game with.  I believe it was Jason who played a mage that was killed by a flying door.  Now that was funny.

So with new material, some art from Jason and John and maps from Rob this is turning into a full project instead of a redux.  Looking forward to seeing how this turns out since it will be my first project working with artists.  Jason asked me for the tone I wanted for Starter Adventures and I said I would like pictures of newbie mistakes, fun pictures that make you laugh. 

Some of what I added is introducing someone into gaming.  A few tips I've gleaned from gaming over the decades.  Some of the tropes we accept without questioning.  And by god, I put in an explanation and example of the skill challenges I add. 

Have a good Monday everyone.  It's game night tonight.  We're headed into the homeland of a godlike creature with delusions of conquering him.  We'll be rolling up new characters next week I'm sure.


  1. Good look with the game, how often do you end up rolling for new characters?

  2. Tim, thatnks for the link to their blog. I love Jason and John's work.

  3. Lurker > We've had the same charcters for over a year now. Rusty's guy died once and I've died twice. The last time was a disasterous teleportation accident. But I'm feeling much better now.

    Hot Elf Chick > Yeah and they are good guys. I hope to get back up to Erie and do more gaming with them.

    Jovial Priest > Can't Wait! Didn't that football player trademark that phrase. Bart Scott I think. Now yuo have to pay his a dollar everytime you say it and 25 cents everytime you think it.