Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Flame Boys in Monteport

Our group encountered a new 'one of them'.  Another follower of the great Elias, a man-god that cowers in shadows.  We are beginning to understand the layout of the 1st and 2nd levels of Monteport.  Our searching has become a bit more efficient.

Before we encountered the flame boys we added another anomaly into our group.  A crystal golem the size of a gnome.  So now we have a train of cave goats, a mushroom man warrior, a deadly kobold archer, and add the small crystal golem to our group.  Elias makes us stronger by leaving his mistakes behind.

Then we encounter his flame boys.  Each one is guarded by a pair of crab-men.  If they had lived long enough they may been a threat.  The flame boy wielded a flaming sword that he promptly gave to me.  But when I grabbed hold of its hilt I felt the presence of Elias, the Cowering God.  He knew where I was located and now I know where he is.  He sent two more flame boys after our group, but they only served to give us more flaming swords. 

As we explored farther in we found the mines we sought.  It was at this time I decided to say good-bye to Elias's gifts of flame and places them in the rock dust of the mine.  I know where he is now.  I'll keep attack the shadows he hides in until he drops to his knees cowering before a true avatar.

One more thing Elias, the crabmen were delicious, even without the butter. 


  1. Eating your foes? Man, You guys are hard core.

    1. I should have had them carrying small sacks of Old Bay.

    2. Eat what you kill, kill what you eat
      Our last Pathfinder game ended up in a Lizard man barbecue, my fault really. I was hungry and in that game I play a half orc.

      No idea why the Half Elf joined in though.

    3. Hardcore is the best way possible. Though no wa wa music.

    4. Yeah I'm... I mean Dante's .... from Maryland, so he's definitely going to be picking up a small belt pouch of Old Bay when he gets back to town.

    5. Oh, and a few flasks of Natty Bo. ;)

  2. My guys always eat the Crabmen too!

    It's why I put them in the game. ;)


  3. Dude, it is "Montporte." Don't be surprised if you get attacked by lawful evil spelling tutors, armed with +5 Flaming Vorpal Blades of Spelling.