Friday, December 27, 2013

A Pre-Adventure, Adventure

Picture by LuigiL
I continue to shape the campaign world I'm working on.  I plan on running my first adventure in January sometime.  A playtest of sorts.  I'll have the guys start with 0-level guys, kinda of like DCC style, they will have items that reflect their background and of course be incredibly susceptible to the world around them.  Creating a couple of characters would be a good idea.

I "plan" on running a coming of age adventure.  The theme will focus on these very young adventurers coming together as they go through a rite to adulthood by completing the Trutoro Pilgrimage.  So it will be a pre-adventure, adventure.  It will give the players a little background, an introduction of the people they will be dealing with and the world in general.  I guess you could compare it to Harry Potter going off to Hogwarts, except I don't get a billion dollars.

I've got ideas for the pilgrimage.  Some I've gotten from historical references, culture rites of passage and a good portion is my own made up stuff.  I like the idea of having adventures before the players become adventurers.  In the past I ran a session or two with each player individually to give their character a sense of history, an identity beyond the group.  It also helped to establish contacts, friends and develop enemies or at least competitors. 

Off to work.  It's a weird Friday since very few will be there.  I've loaded up my iPod and plan to zone out to some tunes and catch up on paperwork.  That's the plan.  But like most plans, I imagine it will be blown to shit within 15 minutes.