Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Game Night

Game night, last night.  We plundered further into Monteport.  +Ken Harrison shared his most recent map reveal in his post of Session 22.  And for the more humorous side of the session +Chris C. has posted his now infamous Sound Bites of the session.

I like Monteport more than I did before.  Last night's session has gotten me all jazzed up for next week.  The group fought a a pair of fairly nasty demons.  I really thought we were going to get killed, but we worked well as a group and manage to take both down in less than four rounds.  I was impressed.  I thought it was interesting that both demons wore belts, but no pants.  Such a fashion statement.  We found a few trinkets of loot.

Then we wandered a little farther and this is where things got real interesting.  We encounter a temple/holy place.  Only I was allowed to go into the room because in the previous session I found a Belt of Dwarvenkind.  This belt did not come with pants either, but I have my own.  I'm not going swing like a demon.  There was a pair of pools, altar, a block and statue.  The statue seemed to be imbued with the power of a dwarven goddess.  I've forgotten the name.

She wants revenge against the 'flesh eaters'.  She has hidden warriors in pools within the enemies territory.  In the block was 30 vials that contained the essence to recall her warriors.

That's where the session ended.

Pretty fricking cool.

This is what I like about Ken's Monteport, there are secrets and surprises.  Things that don't make sense may down the line.  While Ken has no intentions of publishing this adventure I think I'm going to encourage him to start thinking in that direction. 


  1. Thanks for the thumbs up. I had a good time.

    I am a long way from publishing, but I am getting a bit of pressure on the home front ("Can you make money at that?" asks my wife as I show her my latest maps).

  2. "I'm not going swing like a demon." Oh, lord I'm trying so hard not to picture that. If that image actually makes it into my head I may never stop having nightmares.

    And yeah, I totally agree, Montporte is awesome! A rich and complex environment that never gets old. I always look forward to the next session.