Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Game Night: The Demonic Squid

Last night was game night, and our party fresh with a purpose set off.  A secret door was found.  A large underground lake.  Then a demonic, giant squid appeared.  That fresh purpose was quickly forgotten by Adzeer, who relished the idea of sending this monstrosity back from whence it came.  Only it looked more like this...

Adzeer was nearly a snack.  The others, more intelligently, stayed back and assisted with spells and missile attacks.  Never fear though, Adzeer survived to battle another day, but the demonic squid did also.

We managed to stumble upon a small stash of treasure.  Some very good items there.  A talking sword that will provide lots of entertainment in the hands of our little dim witted thief.

When the session ended the party was 20' from where we started.