Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Game Book Haul

I treated myself to a few buys.  While I did not take advantage of any grab bags, and let me tell you that was EXTREMELY difficult, I was able to take advantage of some great sales.  That glorious stack above is what I managed to collect this week, not including PDFs.

First off I already mentioned the fantastic gift that +Tim Knight send me.  Dungeon World and three little accompanying books.  I've spent some time with the main rule book and trying to wrap my head around the mechanics.  I'll read through it, but I know in the end I'll need to play a few sessions to truly understand it.  But I like the idea of it.

Then you can see that slim green zine up there I did a review in the previous post about issue 8 of Crawl!.  I am gong to grab a copy of Hack!  I will need that just because.

At the bottom you can see that beautiful piece of gaming ass, Hackmaster Player's Handbook.  I took advantage of a sale on Amazon for that one.  While I've only flipped through the pages it looks amazing.  One of these days I need to conjurer up a small campaign and use this system.  I always look at and wonder how it plays, but haven't done anything about it yet.  I think I scored it for $25 and that included shipping.

Advanced Players Guide is another Pathfinder book in my collection.  Never played it, but really like the books.  I'm using this one for inspiration.  A lot of stuff to look at and take apart.  I got this one at Barnes, used a 30% coupon, got an additional 10% for being a member, so it was a good price.

The nine gaming books above the Pathfinder book at from Pazio's Great Golem Sale.  All those were a buck a piece.  I also got plot twist flashback card for five buck (not pictured).  I bought two copies of Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor because it was one of the first projects +Rob Conley and I worked on together professionally.  He'd been doing other stuff, but it was my first time fiddling with gaming books.

+Green Ronin Publishing is a company I've recently been more and more impressed with.  I'm a collector of their Dragon Age RPG and what I can get of their Thieves World books.  So I grabbed Testament, the biblical RPG and Races if Renown: Blade and Bow.  Whisk wondered why I got an biblical RPG and I said for a buck why not?  There's a lot of cool stuff in the Bible and I think it would be a great source of inspiration.*

I'm happy with my haul and slowly reading through them.  Still, when I see those Frog God grab bags I twitch a little. 

* If you are thinking of leaving me a negative comment about my references to the bible and RPGs please don't.  I'll just delete it unless it is very entertaining.  This is happy place so don't shit in it.


  1. You done yet? Your mac and cheese bake is ready and Bug's got her eye on it.

    1. I love how you two sometimes talk to each other through your blogs. Always brings a smile to my face. :)

  2. The Harsh Realities guys have a FAQ description on their old Sixcess Kickstarter that you might be interested in based on your footnote - here is the link: