Friday, December 27, 2013

Loot in the Mail

When Lulu had its 40% off and free shipping and needed to get something even though I put a temporary halt to my game spending, holidays and all.  But with both coupons I had to get something.

I have a ton of the books from Lulu so I wanted to pick something completely different.  As in, something I hadn't heard of or tried.  Still a gaming book.  Let's not get all weird.  I found Fantastic Heroes & Witchery.  +Timothy Brannan suggested I take a look at it and on his suggestion I bought it.  With a name like Tim, how could he be wrong?

A Review at a Glance
Just got it in the mail about an hour ago and I really like what I see in the contents.  I bought the paperback version.  While it is a retro-rpg it looks like its taking on a few curves and backroads not normally traveled.  The class section looks interesting and something I am extremely interested in at this time.

The layout is very nice.  Double column deal with good art.  Most of the art looks to have been purchased on on-line or public domain pieces, but I think used well.  And what I think is original artwork is very nice.  EDIT: Tim Brennan said the author did much of the artwork inside.  Even better.  Cover is simple and cool.  A mage pissing his pants while a fighter is wondering if he shoves the mage into the dragon's mouth if that will give him enough time to get away.  The print is nice and dark, easy to read. 

I'm very excited to sit down with this 400+ page bad boy and have a look at it.  So far I am giving Fantastic Heroes & Witchery a healthy thumbs up.

If you want to grab a copy here are a couple of links to go surf the ether.
The paperback version will cost you $24.62.
The hardback version will cost you $36.22.


  1. Glad you like!
    Actually most of the art is also by the author, Dominique Crouzet. Still waiting on my copy.

    1. Yeah its pretty cool so far. And I've corrected the art notation.

  2. This does look good. Putting it on my wish list.

  3. Dom is great guy. We worked together in the during the early d20 days. He did a really good job with this one.

  4. Anything distinctive in this rulebook?