Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lulu 40%, Help Me!

Okay, Lulu's got a 40% off coupon.  I need suggestions.  I have already bought a ton of stuff from there, but looking for something I may have missed or fell off my radar.  Help me choose!


  1. Metamorphosis Alpha is on there.

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  3. I don't see the 40% off coupon...maybe I didn't get it. Mind sharing? I'm going to get the special edition D&D rules I uploaded for our Jr High rpg group.

    1. Greetings Authors:
      Here's the email I received:

      It's time for us to give you our gift this holiday season -- our employee discount code worth 40% OFF your books.

      Click here and use code: LULUEMP2013

    2. Awesome! Thanks so much, Tim. And a whole bunch of aspiring nerds thank you as well!

  4. I'm going to assume you already have Anomalous Subsurface Environment. If you don't, oh my god go buy it. That was my purchase from the last Lulu 40% sale, and I think it's the best gaming book I've bought in years.