Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Map Time!

I was going to do a thought provoking post that would change the foundations of how we all role-play, but I decided to pace myself and start out a little smaller.  Here's a map instead.  A small one I drew in Paint, I think.  I don't remember what I drew it for.  I know somewhere there are a bunch of words that go with this map, but not sure where they ran off to. 


  1. And here I thought you were about to announce the creation and imminent sale of the long-awaited d53 system. Rats. I guess I'll just have to keep house-ruling it.

    But nice map!

  2. What's the significance of that rough-hewn tunnel in the lower-right quadrant NOT having earth hatching around it?

  3. That would be a technical, super secret. I can't divulge that information without getting the super secret release signed in triplicate. So I can't tell you I forgot to add it.