Sunday, December 15, 2013

Execution Corner on RPGNow

Execution Corner is now available on RPGNow.  I put it under the PWYW category.  It's a small location you can drop into your campaign.  A crossroads area where 96 criminals have met their end.  You'll find the No Tomorrow Tavern serving the thirsty crowd on hanging day.  A pair of peddlers selling until the rope goes taut.  And an executioner who is very particular about what rope he uses. 
What you'll find inside:
  • A hand drawn, colored map of the area.
  • Descriptions of the people and area.
  • Extras that include superstitions and a few game mechanic additions.
The map and idea came from the post I did yesterday.   But then I started fleshing it out more and thought it was a cool locale.  If your interest you can grab a copy for free or if you feel like tossing a quarter into the tip jar it would be much appreciated. 


  1. Nice work, love these little pieces.

  2. Just grabbed my copy, I can see a hanging in my future ;-)


  3. Just bought it for the avg price. I noticed that the url listed in the Order Notes was incorrect. It had it as Being a fan I knew to remove the 'game' part, but others might not know to do so. Just an FYI. Keep up the great work.

  4. Sa-Weet.
    Just bought myself a copy. Already planning on where to throw it in my world.
    Got to thinking...I think I need a pissing wall in real life.