Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Magic Item You Might Find in My Campaign

Lately I've been working on my campaign in between times and spaces.  The pace is slow, but I'm enjoying the process.  Those of you who have read a few of my things know I try to make my magic items unique.  I don't like using canned magic items unless I can mess with them.  Since tonight I was working on the campaign again I thought I would create a magic item.

Hag's Eye

History: Merrick was a seasoned alchemist whose fascination with the dead caused him legal problems in the form of grave robbing, assault and his final act of murder saw him hung from a ironwood tree at the crossroads.  Before the authorities could raid his home, his assistants managed to escape with his formulas.  Many of the potions were failures that did very little other than make the imbiber sick...except for one. 

Ingredients: The base of the potion calls for the liquefaction of a corpse's brain no more than a day old.  Quoted directly from Merrick's notes "The man must not have been an idiot in life.  The brain must be intact and not scarred."  The recently deceased must have had a Wisdom of 13+.  A mixture of grave dust, a night hag eye and ten viz* harvested from undead creatures.

Imbuing: The mixture should be left over a high flame.  The brew takes very little time to become effective.  The hag's eye will absorb the liquid and viz, but remains the same size.  If it breaks during the process, it is ruined.

Using: The person wanting to use the Hag's Eye must consume it whole.

Powers: The person under the effect of the Hag's Eye can see into the world of the dead.  Can see and speak to spirits (like the spell).  It allows the imbiber to strike undead creatures with any weapon, even those requiring magic weapons.  It also allows the imbiber to interact with incorporeal undead as if they were a corporal form.  These powers last 1d4 hours.

Side Effects: The user takes double damage from silver or iron weapons during the duration.  After the duration ends, the imbiber will be blind for 2d6 hours (save will halve the duration).


  1. This is great...but the picture is nasty.

  2. Replies
    1. I heard eyeball has the consistency of a slightly under done hardboiled egg. But like a Cad bury egg once you get into the inside it flows with a salty goodness.

  3. Uh..Consume it? I don't think anything the dead are up to I want to see that badly.

    1. Think of the possibilities, all those dead folks that you could have conversations with and wrestle at the same time if you wanted to.

  4. Your a sick puppy

    I love it


  5. I am looking forward to your next post so the hideous eye will be further down the page.