Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art in My Mailbox

Right before Christmas I stopped by the post office, which was surprisingly empty, and got my mail.  There was a little yellow slip inside which means I got a package.  A yellow slip is a good thing.  It means books or packages of fun stuff and maybe presents.  I had no idea what this yellow slip was for.  The only thing I could think of was one of the card kickstarters I backed finally delivered...ah, no. 

It was better.

It was a slim cardboard envelope from Ireland.  Jay Penn, art guy who drew the cool picture for the cover of issue 5 of the Manor, sent me something?  I got into my car and opened it up and saw this.

No way! 

Way!  How cool is that.  Jay sent me the original piece.  What a cool and surprising gift for the holiday.  I need to get some frames for all the work Jay has sent.  And I need to clear off some wall space to get them hung.  Thank you Jay for your work and generosity.   It's going on the wall.


  1. What an excellent gift, it's my favourite cover too


  2. Very cool.

    The falling Santas help add to the spooky atmosphere, BTW. Nice job, Ivy.

  3. I'm glad it made it one piece! Be sure to take photos of them framed and on the wall for me.