Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Kickstarter List

Normally I leave the Kickstarters to +Erik Tenkar.  But once in a while I do like to take a look back and check out the Kickstarters I've backed.  There is a reason I haven't backed any in a while.  I've added a my status at the end to give my impressions of the projects.

This was the first Kickstarter I joined.  I got in on the $60 level.  I wanted the separate map book.  No need to go into details on this one.  Although when Tavis and the others took it over they asked if people wanted refunds.  I planned on getting a refund, but spoke to Tavis briefly and decided to stick it out.  Its been so long now I don't care.  I'm tired of hearing about delays and reasons why this or that hasn't happen.  I know a lot goes into creating such a large project, but there comes a time when you max out on excuses and need to move on.  I've moved on and don't even read/listen to the updates any longer.  If it ever arrives it will be pleasant surprise.
My Status: I no longer care either way.  Just stop sending 90-minute update videos.

Barrowmaze II:
Delivered on time.  Overall the product was good, but the chopped up map in the back is unusable.  I needed to kick in another $20 and bought the map poster.  Still would have liked some sort of usable map in the book.  The best you can do is print out the maps in the PDF version and tape them together.  So much care was put in every other aspect of the book, but the failure on how to present the map is a big problem.  This is a megadungeon after all. 
My Status: Delivered on time.  Great product, but needs a better way to display the map.

Appendix N Adventure Toolkits:
Another one of those projects that have been lingering in Neverland for a long time.  I got in on the $30 level.  Two copies of each adventure sold me and a lot of bonus goals were reached.  I guess John is shipping them out.  Some have already gotten theirs.  I have not.  This is one of two Kickstarters I got into because they backed the DCC system.  But neither has fully delivered.
My Status: Still hoping to get these, but getting to the same point I am with Dwimmermount.  

The Crawler's Companion:
While the app was deliver and apparently is a huge help while playing, I haven't had a chance to use it, the reason I got into this was not the app, but the four adventures in a hardback book.  This was promised at the $50 level.  Back in August there was an update that the books might be sent out soon, but like most updates you might as well wipe your ass with them because they don't mean much.
My Status: Barely giving a shit if I get the hardcover at this point.  It seems to be a forgotten artifact.

Tabletop Forge:
I have no real idea what happened with this one.  I know they combined with Roll20 or something.  This one is confusing to me.  I backed this one for $20.  I know he struggled with people taking money and leaving, but he did his best to get things together and deliver something.  I'm not sure what my rewards were going to be.  I think I got more than I expect, but again I'm not sure.
My Status: No clue what happened.  I know I didn't get them the way that was explained in the project.

Swords & Wizardry: The Actual 1st Edition Roleplaying Rules:
I'm so glad this one was successful.  I would have really been pissed if it hadn't.  With all the previous KS not performing I really wanted this one to work.  I went in at $125.  I wanted it all.  This one delivered.  Well worth the money.  The only complaint I have is FGG always screws up my address and I have to wait longer. 
My Status: This is one KS I'm glad I joined.  There was a lot of value for the money spent. 

Tavern Cards:
I got into the $60 party pack, six decks of these things.  It is seven months late.  Again, delays and sicknesses and what not have kept it from completion.  The latest update (see above what I think about KS updates) says all the art is finally done and proofs are back.  So waiting on second proofs.  Hoping to get these soon.
My Status: Hoping to get these soon.  If they don't show in the next couple of months I will write them off as a loss.  But I think Hannah won't let this one fail.

Dungeon Deck: Quests Expansions:
I originally got into this one at the $40 level, but kicked in another $10 to double my rewards.  I already have a deck of the originals I bought at Origins a few years back.  I liked the cards so if they were going to do expansions I wanted in.  This one is late to, mainly because of the art I believe.  They said they are shipping out, but not sure since I haven't seen them yet. 
My Status: Like the Tavern Cards, hoping to get these soon.  Jim and Debbie are very enthusiastic about their product.  They say they have been mailed so I'm excited to get them.  But I'm not holding my breath.

My Overall Status on Funding Projects:
This post may seem a bit on the negative, but it reflects the lack of success with the Kickstarters I've backed.  I no longer fund projects, I fund people.  Just because it looks cool I'm not diving in.  Too many things get screwed up.  There are certain companies, like +Frog God Games and people +Joseph Bloch that I would back without hesitation.  They have a proven track record and produce great value for the money you spend.  My attitude these days is to wait.  There are many projects that look great, but if they get funded I'll wait until it gets released to the public.  I know for myself I wouldn't do well if I ran a Kickstarter campaign unless I had it all written and needed the funding for art and upgrades in the production.  While I am still willing to back projects I am much more cautious these days.

Okay, one more snarky thing and then its up to Tenkar to continue his KS police work.