Tuesday, December 3, 2013

GM Baptisim

Last night we adventured into Ephemera, I was Sidwin Butterbotom, stereo typical halfling thief with a bumpkin personality.  I was accompanied by Bo, stereo typical human fighter with a bumpkin personality.  The adventures are retold as our GM's blog, The Clash of Spear on Shield+Rob Conley who played Bo, wrote a weird song about out adventures called, Ballad of Bo and Sidwin.  I'm not sure if we qualified for a ballet since we lasted slightly less than a virgin on prom night.  Maybe a jingle or a ditty.

On of my favorite things in gaming is playing on other people's worlds.  Learning how they GM, how they use or not use rules.  Finding out what is important to their world.  GM always favor a mechanic and its interesting to see how they use their style.  For example, +Rob Conley gets his battle boards out, intricate designed maps and well crafted miniatures.  Combat is tactical and brutal.  If you ever have to good fortune of getting in on one of +trey causey's games you won't ever see a battle board.  Combat is abstract.  He is more into concepts not rules.  Both GMs value RPing, both are great at fleshing out NPCs.  Both are great GMs and have their own distinct style.

Last night was +Chris C.'s first game he'd GMed in real time for 20 years he said.  For having about three inches of dust on him he did an excellent job.  He has a great concept world.  Nothing to gonzo, something post apocalyptic with his own flare.  Something we could identify with immediately without needed to learn a history or extensive background.  You can jump in with both feet and go.  He apologized for the TPK, but it was a blast.  I told him he wasn't a true old school GM until he had a TPK.  "You've just been baptized.  Welcome to the fold." 


  1. I feel born again!

    Glad you guys had fun too -- I sure did.

  2. That weird song just netted me 100 xp!

    Thanks Chris for an excellent time.

  3. We also had a TPK, last night. Good times! :)

    Thanks for my copy of The Manor, Tim, it arrived this morning.