Thursday, December 12, 2013

Campaign Development Progression

I've been working on a campaign for a while now.  What I thought would be a simple...well, not simple, but a little more simple, I would draw a map of the immediate region.  Hex crawl style.  A handful of villages, maybe a town, ruins (gotta have ruins), a few lairs and places of interest.  Write them up.  Go.

Something happened along the way.  I decided to do an extensive house rule game.  My foundation of the game is Swords & Wizardry Complete and Blood & Treasure.  I've included a small skill system because the GURPs side of me always likes to see how much you succeeded and failed by.  Probably the biggest challenge has been the spell system.  I'll be using a point system with for spell casters.  And with that I've created different types (classes) of spell caster.

Clerics are a little more easy.  But I've been creating a vast amount of deities to meddle with them stink'n lesser races.  That inspiration came from Petty Gods project and showed me I could have a lot of fun with them and I have.

I created a handful of adventures that were made specifically for the campaign area.  Easy to write, adds to the color of the local lore.

The other part of the campaign that has been taking up time is the back story, the history.  I've always done a generalization, but not this time.  While it won't matter to the player at first (or maybe at all) they will find things that hold significance to another time and place.  And with that knowledge they will understand what is valuable.  Or where to find things that are.

I'll share more down the line.  Not too much.  I have players who will peek.  I plan on running games after the New Year on Google+.  I'll run games for my home group, but would like to explore it with others.  When it gets closer to me running a game I throw out a ad and see who is interested.  I'm fine with playing with just two people and I think i would cap it at four.  Seem anything over four players and a GM the noise factor starts to increase drastically.  If you think you might be interest email or IM onGoogle+ so I can send out a specific invite and see if you are able to make the time, 6:30pm to 9:30pm EST, is game time.  I usually get on a half hour early to answer question or BS for a bit.