Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mini Map Time!

I messing with maps again.  On the left is your typical 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and on the right I've started making mini maps on 4" x 6" blank index cards.  My map style remains the same, just smaller and a lot less area to color in.

Here's a close up of what this one looks like.  A crossroads area.  To the north you have the gallows where they hang the most vicious criminals.  The smaller house is where the hangman lives.  He's responsible for the upkeep of the gallows, making sure the ropes are in good condition and that no one cuts down the bodies until the proper time has passed.  The larger building is a tavern, the No Tomorrow tavern.  Four tables, a standing bar, two types of ale and no food.  It gets business from travelers passing through the crossroads, but its primary income is during the hanging days.  Crowds show up to watch and bring coin to drink the house specialty, the Execution's Ale.  Nothing special about it except the name.  One wall on the outside is dedicated to the people hung here and a list of their crimes.  The patrons piss all over the wall as a tribute.