Sunday, December 1, 2013

Free Gem Generators

A while back I wrote about gems and for some reason found myself on that post again.  I'd forgotten about the gem generators I found.  I thought I'd share the two I use.

The first is from PBE Games, they have a Gemstone Generator where you select the value of the gemstone and variance.  I believe the variance is there to narrow or expand the value of the gemstones generated.  You generate 10 gemstones per push of the button and you get a nice  description of each one.

huge cracked blue jasper (60 GP)
small dull black jasper (50 GP)
tiny pink rhodochrosite (32 GP)
tiny discolored pale blue tourmaline (100 GP)
large white jade (250 GP)
pale yellow amber (400 GP)
tiny green chrysoberl (150 GP)
huge chipped purple amethyst (100 GP)
large flawed deep green jade (100 GP)
blue azurite (10 GP)

The second generator is from Chaotic Shiny Productions, home of the best gaming generators.  +Hannah Lipsky created her own Gemstone Generator.  This generator is different from the one that is part of her Treasure Horde Generator.  Still my favorite generator of all and still using it to this day to help with inspiration when creating treasure.  This gemstone generator allows you to select how many gems you'd like appraised.  Instead of giving you a value there is information about the gem.  Like what people have come to have it represent or where you are most likely to find them.  If a GM says there are five gems in the chest and wants to give them a little more detail, push the button and you'll get something like this...

The gem is forest green. It is rare. It is prized for its religious associations. It is associated with courage, stress, optimism, wealth, and rejuvenation. It is primarily found in the west.

The gem is striated cerise. It can also be found in shades of red-violet, fuschia, white, and heliotrope. It is relatively uncommon. It is commonly cut with many facets. It is prized for its hardness. It is associated with a specific bloodline, psychic abilities, fortitude, a certain historical figure, and communication. It is primarily found in the desert.

The gem is peach. It can also be found in shades of blood-red, yellow, amber, and yellow-orange. It is commonly cut with many facets. It is associated with masculinity, doubt, a certain religious figure, strength, and physical strength.

The gem is vibrant lavender. It can also be found in shades of persimmon, red-violet, and heliotrope. It is uncommon. It is commonly cut marquise-style. It is associated with earth, harmony, and peace.

The gem is pale white. It can also be found in shades of ochre, tan, yellow-green, green, and bistre. It is associated with sleep, creativity, and magical abilities.

Both are fantastic tool to use in your game.  I highly recommend going through Chaotic Shiny's list of generators.  They are lot of fun and can be a valuable to a busy GM. 

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I could see those coming in handy.