Monday, December 2, 2013

New Characters, New GM

Tonight our gaming group shifts into a new world, Ephemera.  A world created by +Chris C. from the blog, The Clash of Spear of Shield.  It is a post apocalyptic fantasy world.  So it is set up as Points of Light campaign.  Sounds like fun to me.

I rolled up two guys last night.  Chris said always have a back-up prepared.  The body count is going to climb.  We used the 3d6 straight down the attributes then you could exchange two scores if you wanted.  My dice were very average last night, my first guy 2 - 11s, 2 - 12s and 2 - 8s.  I made him a halfling thief, Sidwin Butterbottom.  My second guy scored just as average, 1 -12, 3 - 11s and 2 - 9s. I made him a human mage named, Conner.  I rolled his spells and he only learned three Charm Person, Protection from Evil and Read Languages

While not impressive in anyway I'm looking forward to exploring a new world and this will be the first time Chris GMs our group.  I like that part the best.  I always enjoy seeing how others GM.  Because it is Monday, Game Night is the only saving event.


  1. Looking forward to it myself (and hoping I don't fall flat on my face).

  2. Enjoy a good session, new GM's second only to fresh meat in new players ;-)